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After VDWALL LVP919 is powered on, LVP919 will automatically detect the device information and enter the user operating status before shutdown last time including switching status, PIP/POP status, parameter, etc. We would describe it on usual basic operations below.

vdwall lvp919

Selection from input signals

VDWALL LVP919 HD led video processor supports two sorts of signal switching way including one key switch and Pre.+Take switch which can be set in user setup menu 3.1 switch mode. One key switch is the default switching mode.

Switch to a new signal by pressing input signals selection buttons. Pre.+Take switch adopts to press input signal buttons to preselect and then press TAKE button to switch from current input signal to preselect signal.

The input signals selection buttons are as the follow form:

V1、V22 channels of Composite video input (PAL/ NTSC)
VAG1 channel of PC analog signal input
DVI1、DVI22 channels of DVI digital inputs (compatible with
HDMI 1.3 inputs)
HDMI1、HDMI 22 channels of HDMI digital inputs (HDMI 1.3)
EXT.1 channel of extended input(SDI/HD-SDI/3G-SDI
is an optional input)