VDWALL A65 Video Processor User Quick Setup Guide Manual

Input Signal Selection ButtonHDMI1、HDMI2、DP-1、 DP-2、HDMI-3、SDI、 HDMI-7、CVBSA65 built in 3 input cards,identified as:In-A、In-B、In-C. In-A can access in 4K or 2K signal,In-B only support 4K2K signal,In-C support 2K signal. Press signal button directly to select signal channel for each input card, if selected signal is valid, button indicator will light up, or else flicker. Press VGA button of In-C to automatically calibrate VGA signal.
 In-C/PIPIn-C provides PIP/POP dual image display. Press this button, button indicator light up, PIP/POP function will be activated,henceforth select sub-Image source
Source Card Selection ButtonIn-A、 In-B、 In-CSource card selection button. Press this button to switch A65 signal source card, corresponding button
DVI Output Port Switch ButtonDVI-OutIn menu setup, press this button to switch DVI output port. When A65 in Cascading mode, If slave A65 Genlock signal locked, button indicator light up, or else flicker.
Lock Info ButtonLockButton lock. Press this button directly, button indicator will light up, all button on front panel will be invalid, except Lock button itself, so as to avert misoperation. Press this button 3 times continually to exit button lock mode, button indicator will light off.
 InfoInformation button,press this button to check A65 setup information and firmware version, press continually to turn page
Vdwall a65 front panel
  1. Input Signal Port

VDWALL A65 provides 3 input card:

In-A is 4K input card,provides HDMI2.0×2 and DP1.2×1,can access in 4K2K_60Hz UHD signal or 2K HD signal.

In-B is also 4K input card,offers HDMI2.0×1 and DP1.2×1,only support 3840*2160_60/50/30/25/24 Hz UHD signal.

In-C is 2K input card,including CVBS×1、3G-SDI×1、HDMI(DVI / VGA)×1 ,HDMI version is HDMI1.3. HDMI port compatible with DVI and VGA signal,when plug in VGA signal,set the DIP switcher to VGA side

2) DVI Output Port

A65 built in 1 output card,allow 4 DVI splicing. Default output resolution is 1920*1080_60Hz,user defined output resolution available.

3) Communication Control Port

LAN:TCP / IP network control

USB and RS232 control

4) GenLock Cascading Port

VDWALL A65 provides multiple device cascading,so as to extend input and output resolution.

When A65 operating as slave processor, GenLock In port receive command signal from master A65 GenLock Out port,so forth realize completely synchronized splicing.

Single A65 offers Out-1、Out-2、Out-3、Out-4 total 4 GenLock output port,support 5 A65 cascading.

Vdwall a65 rear panel