VDWALL A63 Specification/User Setup Manual/GenLock Cascading

A63 4K Multi-Image Processor Configuration Mode Description

VDWALL A63 provides 3 configuration mode(operating mode):

configuration mode 0(CfgM0)——- Switcher Mode

configuration mode 1(CfgM1)——- Mosaic Mode

configuration mode 2(CfgM2)——- 4 Image Mode


1)In configuration mode 0(CfgM0),A63 Out-A is preview output,Out-B is program output

2)Out-B 3 windows are defined as:Win1、Win3、Win4

3)Out-A 3 windows are defined as:Win2、Win5、Win6

4) In “preselect+TAKE” switching mode,press“TAKE”button,swap Out-A(Preview ) to Out-B(Main output) with Fade switching effect, no image crack or latency

5)Win2 select signal source from In-A、In-B or In-C (As the above picture, window in red frame select signal source from red arrowhead source group)

6)Win5、Win6 select signal source from In-D or In-E (As the above picture, window in purple frame select signal source from purple arrowhead source group)

7)Win2 can set Size&Position within 4K2K, Win6 can set Size&Position within 2K2K

8)When Win6 open,Win5 can be sized and positioned on left side 2K2K ;When Win6 closed,Win5 can be sized and positioned within 4K2K

A63 — 4K Multi-Image Processor GenLock Cascading Description

1、 A63 provides 8 4K2K@60Hz inputs,including:

In-A input card:HDMI2.0 ×2 + DP1.2 ×1

In-B input card:HDMI2.0 ×2 + DP1.2 ×1

In-C input card:HDMI2.0 ×1 + DP1.2 ×1

2、 VDWALL A63 supports 2 4K2K@60Hz outputs,defined as:Out-A 、Out-B. In Configuration Mode 1(CfgM1),2 HDMI 2.0 outputs jointly realize 8K2K driving

3、 On occasion LED screen resolution exceed 8K2K, Multi-A63 provide GenLock Cascading function, achieve extended output resolution

4、 A63 GenLock Cascading function also extend input resolution in accordance with output resolution, so as to achieve pixel to pixel display, bring amazing display effect

5、 A63 GenLock Cascading provides completely synchronized processing and output

6、 The following schematic diagram illustrates A63 Cascade processing procedure

7、 A63 in cascading mode,all input 4K2K@60Hz signal must access to HDMI-5 or DP-3 of In-C

8、 In cascading mode,all signal should be synchronized before accessing to A63 In-C card

9、 Single A63 contains 4 GenLock output,supports 5 A63 Cascading

10、A63 supports multi-level cascading, the slave A63 also can operate as second level primary control processor, total solution supports maximum 21 A63 Cascading